You matter, even if no one else tells you. Earlier this week, I thought about “significance.” Significance is your importance.

I had a moment recently when I thought someone wasn’t really a friend. For a day or two, it really bothered me. I let it get into my brain, and I started to feel insignificant.

As I reflected, considered, and talked it out, I realized I was making myself feel that way. The other person wasn’t really doing anything to me. I felt “less” because of the thoughts I had about the situation, not because of any reality.

The truth was that I couldn’t really know what the other person was thinking. And I can’t control that, anyway. But I can know and control what I think.

Have you ever felt a bit “less” because you believed someone else didn’t really care? You are still you, no matter what other people think.

Our thoughts about other’s thoughts do not change our actual significance. I would like to propose a new idea….

Our Significance is Within

Perhaps significance is something WE think, and then feel, not what other people give us. Perhaps it is our perception of our own value.

We control it and can think about it as “how we show up.”

Do you ever think that someone needs to pay attention to you, to make you feel significant? Or do you believe that perhaps you need “followers,” or an audience to be significant?

If we control our thoughts about whether or not we are significant, we can turn all of these doubting thoughts around and feel better.

And when we feel better, we can be creative, energetic, loving, and bring positivity to life.

How to Do It

List what you can do to feel your significance, without needing other people to reflect it back.

Here are some things on my list:

  • Show gratitude for other people in my life.
  • Call someone I haven’t spoken to in a while and visit over the phone.
  • Visit a friend to cheer them.
  • Send a note to someone I’ve been thinking about, to tell them something special I’ve noticed about them.
  • Text a note of appreciation to someone I have learned from.

What more can be added to this list?

What activities can boost your thoughts about your significance without needing feedback from others?

Standing woman holding flower on green grass

Photo by Ruslan Zzaebok

This Week, Think About It

You are important.

You don’t need to hear it from others, it’s already there.

You have unique traits, worth, and value just by being you. And when you can think and feel your worth, you are able to use your wonderful traits even more.

Here’s to being the best YOU this week!