Yesterday, I attended the grave-side service of a 74-year-old woman who died after raising a family, loving grandchildren, and serving many people. During the pandemic, social gatherings are not permitted, but somehow this small group was allowed to meet in the cemetery.

We all stood apart, except for those we lived with, in a spread-out circle around the grave. It was both a solemn occasion and a joyful one. The loss of one so well-loved was palpable. But joy also filled the air as those gathered who would otherwise be at home, due to the “stay at home” order, were able to see each other and connect emotionally.

As I listened to reflective thoughts shared about the woman who died, I pondered the value of a life well-lived.

I wondered if she had planned to leave such  legacy of home traditions, love, and faith, or if it just came naturally to her.

One thing is certain; our lives will all end sometime. And we will be remembered for what impact we have made on the people we leave behind.

What Matters

When that time comes, I would like to leave my loved ones with no doubt of who I am, my love for them, and that I lived the truth: that people matter more than things.

Being kind is important.

Listening with one’s whole heart is the only way to really hear someone else.

Loving your neighbor as yourself means that you must also love YOU. It’s always good to serve others and love them. And, self-care, knowing your worth and accepting it, are also important.

To have the best chance at happiness in life, self-discipline and goal setting are necessary. But happiness comes from so much more than that. It’s in the people we love. The roads not taken, as much as those chosen. The normal, everyday moments.

And so much more.

What is a Legacy?

Your legacy is commonly thought of as what you leave behind. Its what lives on when your mortal life has ended.

In noble terms, we might consider our greater connection to others, to our higher power, God, and the universe.

A legacy is what can be remembered from our lives. Our contributions and prominent traits. What we give of ourselves to others.

One person might consider their legacy the act of leaving money or valuables to their descendants.

Another person might consider their legacy as artistic skills, or love and respect.

We are creating our legacy every day, both in our daily decisions and our direction.

What will your legacy be?

Now is the Time to Create That

As we think about what we would like to remember about the people around us, now is the time to decide what want others to remember about us.

It begins by thinking about what you value most, right now. What are your highest values an priorities?

How do you connect with others?

What would you like to learn, do, or give?

As we reflect on the composition of our lives, leaving  legacy we are pleased with becomes possible through daily decisions, both large and small.

Take Action

If you would like a partner to clearly see your values and priorities, then design the path you want to take in the future, consider working with a life coach.

Coaches care most about helping you on your own path.

And a focused coach can help you discover areas you’d like to consider but have trouble seeing right now.