It’s easy to wonder what personality tests, strengths surveys, and assessments really mean. There are so many tools. What value do they hold for you and me?

Finding Yourself

Personality tests and strength surveys are awareness activities. These tools give us insight about who we are. They suggest environments in which we might thrive. They open us for possibilities and considerations.

Our new insights might give us the courage to more bravely pursue our dreams. Or, we might realize why we feel stuck.

Assessments and tools are not an authoritative answer. People change over time, learn, grow, and adapt.

It’s likely that an assessment might yield different results under a new mindset.

And, major life events can completely change our outlook or beliefs.

For these reasons and more, any survey, tool, or assessment must be considered in light of one’s current context. These tools are never intended to label us or limit us. Ultimately, they are tools, not definitive answers.

You Are Infinitely Unique

Although tools, surveys, and assessments bring clarity, you are infinitely unique. There’s no one else like you in the world.

Sir Ken Robinson explains this while giving tips about the inner journey of finding our aptitudes and passions.

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In his video “Finding Your Element,” Sir Ken Robinson explains that finding those things that drive us and bring us the most joy is a spiritual journey. We can review the past to see what most inspired us. We can review the present to understand what activities most bring our energy and help us lose track of time.

With insight about ourselves, through awareness tools and assessments, we begin a journey.

What personality tests, strengths surveys, and assessments really mean is that we tend to be a certain way. And while we can change in the future, this insight opens the door to understanding ourselves.

Ultimately, the journey is one of becoming a better version of ourselves so that we can give our unique gifts to the world.