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What are values?

Values are those ideas and qualities that are important.

Each of us has our own priorities, motivated by our personal values.

Entire cultures and communities have some degree of understood, shared values.

A business, educational institution, church, or other organization has its established values.

Families have values each member is taught and expected to live.

With so many priorities all rooted in values, it’s critical to identify your own values to fully understand what drives or motivates you, and to recognize the values under which you live and work.

Understanding your values brings clarity. And, once you see clearly what motivates you, you are able to apply your strengths to work, personal, and other situations, to live in greater alignment. This process increases your satisfaction with who you are and brings joy to life.





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#33: Being an Exceptional Manager

This week, I’ll discuss being an exceptional manager. These ideas are inspired by┬áConscious Business and┬áThe Outward Mindset.

#32: Personal Growth and Development Can Take Time

Personal growth and development can take time. In many ways, it’s like planting seeds and waiting for the grass to grow. Patience leads to this growth.

#31: Feeling Stuck but Not Sure How to Change That?

The sense of being “stuck” can be challenging and sometimes ambiguous. In today’s podcast, I’ll address two inventories that can open the door to stop feeling stalled.

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