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Wheel of Life

Create your own “wheel of life” to consider your quality of life and balance. Receive free copy after completing the wheel.

Take the Free VIA Character Strengths Assessment

Click the link provided here to complete the VIA Character Strengths survey. This is an exciting activity that will prepare you to develop a strength-based mindset and get to know yourself better, so you can live confidently.

Life Vision Activity

Your life vision describes and defines who you would like to be, how you want to make your contributions to the world, how you would like to be remembered when your life concludes, and some of the general attainments you would like to achieve. With a life vision, you can compose or choreograph a satisfying, motivating life. A life vision guides the way you select goals, experiences, and accomplishments you want, to have the life you’re going to love living.

Tips from the Blog

What Will Your Legacy Be?

One thing is certain; our lives will all end sometime. And we will be remembered for what impact we have made on the people we leave behind.

Stop Emotional Eating: When You Feel What You Want, Everything Changes

We want an experience or life change because of how we believe it will make us feel. For example: “I’ll be happy when I lose weight.” Or... “I’ll feel joy when my children are successful.” But those events somehow don’t bring the feelings we hope for. And sometimes we...

2020 Could Be a Bold New Year!

What does it mean to live boldly?

The word bold means to be courageous and daring, not hesitating. Of course, it also means to be forward, impudent, and breaking accepted rules. Yet even in its possible negative connotations, it is more about a willingness to do what should or must be done, despite potential consequences or challenges along the way. 

Living boldly means to live with courage, to be confident in letting go of old habits and striking out in new directions. 

Just Keep Going…

There is a voice inside your head always talking to you. When your own thoughts tell you that you “can’t do it,” or you should “give up now,” or even that other “people will judge you,” it’s time to stop that voice.

Loving People Anyway

Love isn’t attached to the expectation of a particular outcome. Choosing to love anyway is completely within our control.

Pep Talk by Kid President

Everyone needs a “pep talk” to find encouragement once in a while. Today, I’m sharing a video made six years ago by a team of brothers, in which one went by the title “kid president.” 

You Matter, Even if No One Else Tells You

You matter, even if no one else tells you. Have you ever felt a bit “less” because you believed someone else didn’t really care? Your significance is within. Significance is something WE think, and then feel, not what other people give us. You are important. You don’t need to hear it from others, it’s already there. You have unique traits, worth, and value just by being you. And when you can think and feel your worth, you are able to use your wonderful traits even more.

One Way to Start Feeling Better Now

Have you ever felt responsible for someone else feeling bad? When it's someone you love and care about, that can be a pretty negative place to be. And of course, no matter how you apologize, try to make it up to them, and tip toe around being really nice, you just...

Stop Living Apologetically

I still remember the day I stood in a friend’s driveway, picking up my two year-old son. She tended him while he played with her children for a few hours, because I was at a work meeting and needed help. As we visited a while, I recall saying several things about why...

Establishing a Business Coaching Agreement

Many new or less experienced coaches approach their sessions with fear or concern about how things might unfold. Coaches might worry about whether they will know the right things to say or the right questions to ask. To calm these fears, a focus on clarifying, understanding, and fully establishing the coaching agreement sets the stage for success and puts the coach’s fears to rest.

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#33: Being an Exceptional Manager

This week, I’ll discuss being an exceptional manager. These ideas are inspired by Conscious Business and The Outward Mindset.

#32: Personal Growth and Development Can Take Time

Personal growth and development can take time. In many ways, it’s like planting seeds and waiting for the grass to grow. Patience leads to this growth.

#31: Feeling Stuck but Not Sure How to Change That?

The sense of being “stuck” can be challenging and sometimes ambiguous. In today’s podcast, I’ll address two inventories that can open the door to stop feeling stalled.

Six Great Ways to Shatter Stress

Six Great Ways to Shatter Stress

Stress takes a big toll on your body and overall wellbeing. It can affect your sleep, lead to emotional eating, inhibit digestion, raise blood pressure and heart rate. Six ways to reduce stress include slow breathing, body scan, visualization, music listening, exercise, and chewing gum. The most important way to address stress in life is through mindset, to consider seeing things in new ways to find benefits over stressors.

The Choice in a Mindset of Lack or Abundance

In good times and in times of challenge and hardship, you have a choice. And I have a choice. Every human being has the availability of being able to choose.
This choice is about how we look at things and how we look at people.
So, today we are going to talk about the mindset of lack and abundance, why we should care about it, how to do it. And we’ll take it from there.
This choice is about how we look at things and how we look at people. It can really be anything.
Ourselves: maybe it’s our abilities, our personality, our body, our appearance.
It can be the other people in our lives. Maybe it’s a brother or sister, or our husband or wife. Our child. A neighbor. Someone we work with. Someone we know about and see in the news or on the Internet that we don’t actually know.
We have a choice about how we look at our circumstances. The house we live in. Our transportation or the car we drive. How much money we make or the kind of work we do every day.
The choice comes down to the way we decide to see people, and circumstances, and ourselves.
We can either see these as abundant or we can see them as lacking.
This mindset or this perception of abundance and lack is sort of what we might consider two directions, or two opposite orientations about our thinking.


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