Take Yourself Seriously Because You are Special.

It’s time to take yourself seriously, because you are special. You might be thinking: what do you mean by special? In today’s podcast, we talk about why you are special and what makes you unique. After all, you might hear that a lot. That you are special and unique. But how can YOU know that?

There are a few attributes we look at that distinguish us from other people. Just like visiting a theme park, like Disney Land or Disney World, each person has a unique experience at the theme park. And each person we meet will have a slightly different experience of us. Yet Disneyland is the same everyday. And you have the same wonderful traits whether interacting with your neighbor, your partner, or your boss. And yet they will each see different facets of who you are.

In today’s podcast, we’ll talk about the amazing YOU. And I’ll close with three ways you can draw out more of your greatness:

  1. Notice the good things you do now and have done in the past, even if you think it’s uncomfortable to focus on what’s going “right” about you.
  2. Get to know your personality and draw on your stronger attributes, intentionally. Where you lack natural strengths, build skills and know that acting on those skills means stepping outside your comfort zone, investing more energy than usual.
  3. Reflect intentionally during experiences and later, after the experience. Reflective practice can help you notice consistent strengths and observe growth, which helps you focus on what’s going right in yourself.

Join me for Mindset for Life, and today, let’s celebrate the amazing YOU that you are.

This episode’s theme song is “Sunshine Club,” by Ishan Dincer. Used with Permission.

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