Do you know anyone who wants to stop emotional eating? It might surprise you, but everything changes when we feel a sense of control rather than being driven by emotions.

What is Emotional Eating About?

We want an experience or life change because of how we believe it will make us feel.

For example: “I’ll be happy when I lose weight.”


“I’ll feel joy when my children are successful.”

But those events somehow don’t bring the feelings we hope for. And sometimes we feel like eating will do it.

Thoughts Control Feelings, to Stop Emotional Eating

I think instead, what if we had the feelings first?

Like… “I’ll choose to be happy. Then, I’ll be able to lose weight.”

Or.. “I’ll find joy in my life, and then I’ll accept my children as they are, successful or not.”

Certainly then, I will be in charge of my “happy” and my “joy,” regardless of what life brings.

And the people in my life might be strengthened and encouraged also, when I bring the joy and happiness along.

It Takes Mindset Change to Think Differently

I’m not a diet expert or nutrition coach, but I have lost weight and maintained a 95-lb loss for several years.

This year, I took that to my dream weight goal and can now say that I’ve lost a total of over 100 lbs. I know firsthand how tough it is to avoid emotional eating.

You can experience this mindset transformation. You can stop emotional eating, when you feel what you want.

When you can have the feelings you want without changing other people or circumstances, you can be in control.

When you can eat what you would like without being driven by emotions, you can enjoy what you eat.

Emotional eating can be overcome when you are in the driver’s seat to take control, see clearly, and feel how you want to feel.

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