Have you ever enjoyed freshly baked, satisfying bread? Growing up, our home was filled with regular enjoyment of fresh, home-baked bread.

Bread has become a mainstay during the pandemic for people all over the world. It is comforting and brings a sense of abundance. Of richness. And of togetherness.

Today, my husband mentioned that he thought it would be nice to have, “one of those cranberry apple bread rolls.” I wondered if I still had the recipe, and I set out to find it.

After shuffling through my recipe box for a while, I finally found it. The recipe is from the November/December 1999 issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. It was shared by Angie N. Sinclair. I thought you might enjoy it too, and I’m sharing it today.

You can use any bread recipe, or as it states, a can of ready-made frozen bread dough. Further, make it with or without nuts. And with fresh apple slices or apple pie filling. Either way, it’s a true delight!