#36: Resilience and the Majestic Elephant Within

The world we’re living in begs us to have resilience. Consider the sculptor who chipped away at a rough block of stone, intentionally revealing the majestic elephant within. He claimed the elephant was there all along. And his job was just to remove anything that was not elephant.

Just like a rough sculptor’s stone, you have strengths within that are already part of you. Some have appeared throughout your life. The uniqueness and beauty of your strengths can emerge.

Your strengths become clearer in adversity and challenging times.

To make room for your strengths to shine, you might need to further develop resilience.

Resilience is a skill set. Not everyone is naturally resilient. Resilience is being able to “bounce back.” To recover from difficulty.

There are five key areas of resilience:

  1. Locus of control. This is the belief that you can cope. That you can handle it.
  2. Connection. This is your support network and positive relationships.
  3. Self-awareness. This is what you think and feel. Your experience. Your impact.
  4. Creation. This is your intentional use of strategies, positive emotions, and purpose.
  5. Letting go. This is your choice to lose other parts of rough stone so that the beauty beneath can emerge.

As you think about your strengths and resilience this week, focus on core strategies to sleep, exercise, and rejuvinate.

Best wishes to you this coming week!