Notice Messengers in Your life

In today’s episode of the Mindset for Life podcast, we focus on how you can notice messengers in your life. Doing this helps you feel more motivated, adds encouragement, and lifts you. And, on the flip side, you can be a messenger to others by sharing your ideas, who you are, and your light.

Have you ever had a thought of just feeling like you needed a push in the right direction?

Maybe you wanted to start something new, or do a project, or take a risk, or even try a new direction in your life or your work, or something like that. And you’re thinking about it, and you have all these ideas. But for some reason, you just aren’t taking the action you want to take. Or maybe you’re trying it occasionally. And it’s just really hard for you to be consistent. I can definitely relate to this.

I think we all have these ideas and dreams of things we’d like to go out and try. I certainly have a lot of mine, especially with my coaching business. You know I have a podcast because you’re here listening to it. I also have coaching programs and one-on-one coaching that I do with people. And then I have my full-time job in the daytime. That is my career position that takes the bulk of my energy, focus, and time.

There are so many options in all these areas. And, just like you, I might have some idea, and then I might take some action and then might backup a little bit, and then take some more action. And then maybe I’m going to go in a different direction altogether. But whatever it is, a lot of times, I will just spin in this little cycle of trying things out and then feeling stuck. Well, sometimes you may be doing the same thing.

And we have these experiences where people step into our lives that–maybe we know these people, maybe there’s somebody we don’t know–but they speak to us. And it’s like there are messengers passing in and out of our lives. And they bring us some kind of message that can motivate us to just keep going a little more.

Notice messengers in your life.

It’s like taking a step out of the light that you’re in into a little bit of the unknown, or a little bit of the darkness, until you get a little bit more willing to try something.

And then another messenger or message will come into your life. And you’ll be encouraged to take just another little step and maybe do something more. I had one of those experiences in my life recently.

There was a colleague of mine that I used to work with at the university, whom I really loved. This person is brilliantly intelligent, and always encourages good ideas, good projects. This person was one of the best people to motivate me to try new research and publish some things. And even writing the book that I wrote a few years back was motivated from the encouragement this person gave me. And then slowly over time, we spoke on the phone less and less, we got together face to face less and less. And at this point, it’s been many, many months since I spoke with this colleague of mine. He’s retired now we don’t work together anymore.

Just the other day I started thinking about him. I thought I should call Dr. Bill. And my son, my oldest son who’s 25, we were together Sunday for dinner. The whole family was there. And I was talking about something and out of the blue. He said, “Hey, when’s the last time you talked to Dr. Bill? Don’t you think you should call him?”

I thought that was really strange. Just this week, I was thinking I should call Dr. Bill. I didn’t do it yet. A few more days passed. And then yesterday, who called me? Dr. Bill called me. And it was like, in my mind, there was this message that kept coming to me: You need to talk to Dr. Bill. And when I finally did because he reached out to me, I just hadn’t done it yet, it was absolutely motivating. He has a ray of light in his personality, that at all times just shines so brightly.

He’s having some challenges of his own in his own life, but he is so positive about them. And he describes those challenges with such a bright light and a great attitude. And he’s always continuously learning and excited about the things he’s learning.

And he really wants to hear what I’m up to. What are the things I’m doing? What is going on in my life? What’s my family up to? What’s happening at work? What do I care about? It is such a blessing and a gift to know someone who, no matter how far apart you may be, or how long it is between conversations, they always love you. They always want to know about you, care about you, and encourage you.

And in that moment, there’s always a message for you. It’s some kind of message of encouragement. And sometimes, it’ll even be a specific message about something that’s on your mind, and it’ll help you move in that new direction.

Well, in my conversation with Dr. Bill yesterday, I felt so reaffirmed in something I had thought about the very day before that.

One experience with a messenger in my life.

I was talking to a friend of mine about how I read a lot of books about new ideas, about self-mastery, about fulfilling your potential, about learning your personality type, and all kinds of developmental things. And many times, I’ll be talking to other teachers, other coaches, and other people who are my clients, and I will mention something I got out of a book. I will say something like, okay, I was reading Dr. Susan Jeffers’ book, “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” and in that book, we learn that fear is compounded when we resist it.

When we actually allow the fear to be there and recognize that we’re still going to feel the fear, even when we do the activity we’re afraid of, but on the other side of that activity, the fear goes away. I might share an idea like that with someone and ask them well, what do you think about that? There are a million good ideas in Susan Jeffers’ book, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

And my very first podcast was about that book, I got so many great ideas. But I’m always taking little ideas here and there from books and sharing them with people. I share them here on the podcast, I share them in a conversation, I share them in a coaching session, and I do a lot of presenting and public speaking and workshopping, and I share those ideas widely.

So, one of my personal preferences is to gather ideas. I love collecting good ideas, tried and true, especially the kinds where people have done a lot of research behind them, and they have good examples to support them. And I share them with people. I’m excited by ideas. And I like to come up with my own new ideas. That’s just something about my personality type and what I like to do.

And in this conversation with Dr. Bill that came up. He was sharing some ideas from a book he had read recently, and it reminded me about how much I love good ideas, how much they are worth sharing, and how I need avenues to do that regularly.

What do messengers bring?

It was a little message. It was an encouragement piece for me. And it invited me to keep sharing the message. To keep talking to you. To keep putting this podcast out there. To give you a new idea to help you be just a little bit further down the road you’re on today, to help support you tomorrow, to help encourage you next week. And to help lift you to be more “you.”

More of who you really are. More confident about who you are. More fully developed in your strengths, your gifts, your talents, your attributes, your personality, and as a result, shining a greater light to everyone around you. To encourage them, too.

It seems today that the world is a very dark place. There is a lot that’s going wrong. There’s a lot that’s painful. That’s hard. And the more I connect with other people in my life that are in relationship with me like my family members, my very close friends, my associates at church, at work in many places, I find that so many people are suffering now much more than it seems they ever have before.

Notice when the message brings light.

Maybe we just didn’t talk about it as much in the past? I don’t know. But it seems there is just a lot of darkness everywhere for people. And a lot of people are struggling. And the more light we can bring into the world, the more we can help each other persevere and persist through the hard times.

I don’t know what your experience has been. but my experience is that when messengers pass in and out of my life, and I get uplifted from a message they bring, I want to hold on to it. So, in my conversation with Dr. Bill yesterday, I’m thinking about the value of good ideas. How important it is to share them. To lean on these ideas when we feel kind of lost, or when we feel stuck, and to share good ideas with others.

I am happy that you’re here today listening to me talk about this experience, but also, that you’re considering the role of messengers in your life. When was the last time you had a chance meeting with someone you know? Or a conversation that you thought was coincidence or random? And you walked away with an important message for you.

What messengers do you need to notice?

When was the last time you woke up with a thought or idea in your mind? Or maybe you stumbled upon a video on the internet, or something in a TV program, or a speaker in your workplace, or church, or neighborhood, and somehow you got a message that you really needed to hear right then?

Think about the message that was for you. Sometimes the ideas of messages you share with other people will be like a messenger to them. And any messenger that passes our way that shares with us, they’re going to be helping us if we’re paying attention. And we can grab on to those messages we get from others, and integrate them into our day, and our week, and our life, and just keep going.

That can help us get through hard times. That can help us just keep moving forward. The other day, I was thinking about some messages that other people have shared with me. One of them was this idea that it can be difficult to see people as who they really are. We often can judge other people based on circumstances, or their feelings, or their behaviors. Or our feelings about them. And it’s easy to resist people.

But if we’re willing to suspend judgment, and just experience other people, and just get curious about them, we can see more of who that person is. More of who they really are. And when we do that, we have almost no choice but to feel love for them.

When we’re not resisting other people, we’re much more likely to feel love towards others. That’s an idea that’s been coming my way a lot lately. And this idea of noticing what we love about our lives, like me sharing with you today how much I love sharing ideas, how much I love talking about ideas, and how much I really love finding new ideas worth sharing, what is it that you enjoy?

What is something you’re trying to accomplish right now? And what kinds of messages and messengers are flowing in and out of your life?

How can you capture a message meant for you, this week?

This week, I want to invite you to notice more. Notice the messages coming your way. And notice which ones seem especially meant for you.

Take some time to write them down. My practice is two things. First, I like to write some of these messages down on index cards. And I have some index cards right here at my podcasting table. I have one right here. And this idea is that I want to move forward with confidence in a new role and feel invigorated and ready to meet the challenges that will come my way.

That idea came to me through a conversation with my husband. And I keep that mindset card with me a lot when I’m sitting at this table. And I think about how easy it is to not move forward at all. But it’s also easy to try to move forward and have no confidence, especially in new situations.

So that idea of moving forward with confidence in the new job is important to me. And I want to encourage you if you’re in a new situation, and you’re finding yourself not very confident, there’s an idea you can grab on to. You can write it on your card, and you can carry it around too.

Notice messengers in your life to keep moving forward.

Another idea that I’m thinking of is that ultimately, even in the worst of circumstances, I have this feeling deep down below everything that all will be well if we just keep moving forward.

Yes, we’re going to hit some roadblocks, some obstacles, but we’re going to find a way to persist. To persevere, and to be more resilient. And even if our plans don’t exactly work out, eventually, all will be well.

And that hopeful feeling can help any situation turn around. So, I love holding on to that thought too. I hope you’ll find some thoughts and ideas, or messages, that you want to hold on to this week, and those things will lift you.

Those things can carry you through hard times. And you can share them with other people to lift them as well. As I mentioned a little bit earlier in this episode, when you do that, you’re going to shine more of your light in times that are pretty dark for some people, and maybe even dark for all of us. Hang in there, and thanks for listening.

This episode’s theme song is “Sunshine Club,” by Ishan Dincer. Used with Permission.

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