#18: Let this “Moment” Define You

Life is full of “defining moments,” and you might be in one right now. Situations come and go that can shape us and allow character to become visible. In today’s podcast, I share some thoughts about defining moments and three tips to help you determine how to approach situations so they can become positive jumping off points for the future.

These three tips include:

  1. Find meaning in now. What experiences have prepared you for this time? Consider the past, and outline the path that has led to your readiness and preparation for what’s happening right now.
  2. Consider possibilities of now. What is possible now? This is a moment of “unfreezing” habits, assumptions, and all you may have taken for granted. Now is the time to disconnect from normal and step back to examine it all. As you see things don’t have to always be as they were, what new possibilities open up for you?
  3. Look at the present as a period to slow down and prepare for the future. How can now be a time for growth and preparation for future times ahead?