There is a voice inside your head always talking to you.

Sometimes it warns you and protects you, and this inner voice can keep you safe.

Unfortunately it also warns you anytime you’re leaving your “comfort zone.” It doesn’t want change.

When your own thoughts tell you that you “can’t do it,” or you should “give up now,” or even that other “people will judge you,” it’s time to stop that voice.

In those moments, you can tell your inner voice it is wrong.

Then, follow it up with affirming statements, like: “Yes, I CAN do this. I can do hard things.”

Then, “I won’t give up. I will be so glad I persevered. I don’t have to give up just because I thought about it. I can keep going anyway.”

And yes, people WILL judge you. They always do.

You will be judged for moving in a new direction.

You will be judged for giving up.

You are judged all the time, and that is completely beyond your control.

Because it will happen anyway, you might just tell your inner voice it’s right about that one, but then remind it: “It’s ok if they judge me. They will do it either way!”

Keep at it this week.

You can do hard things.

You can talk back to your inner voice and speak confidence to your inner doubts.