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How to Get More Joy in Your Life–Part 4


Looking for joy and wondering how to get more in  your life? This podcast episode is the fourth and final episode in a short series. We’re not going to talk about what joy is or why you should care. Instead, we’re just going to dive right into some things I do in my work with clients to help them find more joy on a regular basis. After all, if you’re looking for more joy, you probably want to just get started right now!

The fourth step to getting more joy in your life is to set an aspirational goal, something bigger than yourself, and work toward achieving it. Building up to this deep focus and sense of purpose, I encourage you to look back over episode 1, and episode 2, for the exercises I shared in those episodes around assessing your starting point and connecting to your values. Aligning to your life, where you want it to be, and what you care about most, you are best prepared to identify a larger purpose or contribution to focus on in the future.

All said, more joy in life is a skillset, a practice, and within your reach. Join me for today’s episode of Mindset for Life!

This episode’s theme song is “Sunshine Club,” by Ishan Dincer. Used with Permission.

Like what you read here? In this podcast, I’m sharing some core principles I’ve learned in coaching that have completely changed my life. These ideas restore personal power and bring the confidence to grow our unique traits, strengths, and attributes, to live with purpose and joy as we make each day a little better. And when we do that, we’re putting good into the world. Right here, you have the tools to take one small step. And with a personal coach, you can take it deeper, to make these changes a lasting part of your life. You can live your true purpose with joy, every day.

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