Sometimes the mindset we have keeps us locked in our habits, even when we try to change them. In any situation or relationship, we come at it with an existing mindset of beliefs, assumptions, and understandings.

These background mental programs are part of who we are, and most of the time, we are completely unaware of the fact that our innate thoughts are unique. And when we can notice and observe our mindset, stretch it to include new thoughts, and include new habits, big changes are possible. Although I’m NOT a weight-loss coach, I’ll illustrate the mindset concept by sharing my personal story about my weight loss journey.

For much of my adult life, I continued to gain weight and tried to reverse this trend through diet and exercise approaches. And although I tried many ways, I could not seem to lose more than 20-30 lbs., and I continued to feel “stuck” in an unhealthy weight range.

Eventually, I found a new approach to my diet and nutritional life and lost 95 lbs. that included changing my mindset. No, losing 95 lbs did not happen quickly. But, the mindset change I needed to keep my weight loss going did.

Mindset influences our behavior. Because that is true, when I began to work on my mindset, I learned that mindset is the most important thing to address before anyone can begin to make lasting changes in any area of life. This includes physical health, nutrition, career areas, intellectual development, emotional well-being, relationships, spirituality, and personal growth. Believe me, I know…. I’ve been there!

Before and After Weight Loss Image

Image of Bethanie before and after 95 lb. weight loss journey (2015-2016)

The pictures on this page show me before my 95 lb. weight loss and near the end of that journey, just to add evidence to the story I share here. I had tried and failed to lose weight for years and was over 40 when I finally found the motivation to succeed in this adventure. What made my experience different from all of those previous efforts was that this time, my mindset changed first.

Changing my mindset give me the space to see possibilities.

Changing my mindset allowed me to behave differently.

And, with a new mindset, new behaviors previously impossible for me became possible. New behaviors became habits to achieve my results.

What kind of mindset do you need to make changes in your life?

Mindset itself is just a description of the way we think, or the perspective through which we see our world. To begin exploring it, consider these questions:

  • What do you believe you are capable of, in the area you would like to change?
  • What do you believe is outside your realm of possibilities, either because of your genetics, your education, your cultural background, or other identifying aspects?
  • What if the people and things you accept as part of your life left tomorrow? Or became unavailable to you? Or, what if they changed completely?
  • If all that you accept as part of your life right now were suddenly different, what new awareness could you have?
  • What new possibilities might be available to you?
  • If you had unlimited time, money, or energy, what would you like to accomplish or change?
  • What stops you from getting started in these parts of your life?

Those people and things in your life do not have to disappear or change for you to change. But, if you imagine that something can be different, you might be able to consider what is holding you back from having the life you want. Is changing your own life without changing anyone else possible?

There are Many Possibilities Available to You

For me, I was stuck in patterns I had adopted for many years. I enjoyed social situations in which I prioritized what I thought others expected more than my health goals. Additionally, despite changes I tried to make, I could not see any way to participate with friends and family members without enjoying the food and treats as much as they appeared to. I believed that I “deserved” treats, and this kept me seeking them. I also believed that other people in my life expected me to indulge to show my love for them. All of these ideas were part of my mindset “in the box,” which made other possibilities impossible to see.

What I learned about mindset is that there are many possibilities available to each of us. The reality we live by is only one perspective. Becoming open to other possible realities can happen as easily as finding new perspectives through which we can view our own situation anew.

Regardless of where you are right now and what your relationships or situation may be, things do not always have to be this way. Other possibilities exist for each of us. Exploring our mindset can create new possibilities, and new ways to achieve our goals.

I’m living proof that change can happen, even after years of poor results. And if we can each make the changes we would like to make in our lives, we can also become better than we have been in the past. We can reach our personal health goals. If we seek to, we can travel, write a book, and do other things we have never done before.

Do you want to make lasting changes?

If you would like to make changes in your life, your relationships, or your work, I encourage you to get started. Change is possible, and it can be part of your future. As an international educator and coach, I help educators make changes in their lives, their teaching, and their careers.

Change can seem impossible right now, but I imagine new possibilities for you and believe in your success. Together, we can explore your current situation and discover where you’d like to go. Perhaps you would like to tap into more personal power and purpose with practical habits that can transform your life and relationships. Or, you might seek to engage more students online and teach with confidence. And, you may be interested in quickly advancing your career so that you can have greater impact. In each of these three areas, you can become the person you were meant to be, and I’d like to help you get there.