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Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life

Create your own “wheel of life” to consider your quality of life and balance. Receive free copy after completing the wheel.

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Life Vision Activity

Life Vision Activity

Your life vision describes and defines who you would like to be, how you want to make your contributions to the world, how you would like to be remembered when your life concludes, and some of the general attainments you would like to achieve. With a life vision, you can compose or choreograph a satisfying, motivating life. A life vision guides the way you select goals, experiences, and accomplishments you want, to have the life you’re going to love living.

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Do You Self-Sabotage?

You find yourself working toward a goal. Maybe you don't even think about it as a goal formally. It might be that you are trying to be nicer to your husband or wife. When they aren't being especially kind. Or maybe you are trying to be patient taking the dog out. One....

How Does “Mindset” Make a Difference?

Sometimes the mindset we have keeps us locked in our habits, even when we try to change them. In any situation or relationship, we come at it with an existing mindset of beliefs, assumptions, and understandings. These background mental programs are part of who we are,...

How to Navigate Decisions that Seem All-or-Nothing

The Joys of Polarity Mappingby Stephen P. Anderson, UX Mastery December 13, 2018 I recently discovered polarity mapping, a brilliant tool to facilitate good conversations about complex topics.See if any of these tensions sound familiar:Should we do more Learning or...

Working with Difficult Personalities

Some of the people with whom we interact challenge us. At times, we might even wonder if someone is narcissistic. Dr. Ramani Duvasula calls these personalities "high-conflict, difficult personality styles." Whether we know what we're dealing with or not, how do we...

Music Moment: Firework

I've been a student and critic of music lyrics in popular music all of my life. As a young person, I composed music and set off for college, planning to become a songwriter. Although I redirected myself to educate rather than write songs for a living, I continue to...

The Music of Life Coaching

There are big differences between learning to play or sing music and getting to the artist level, where you can express and communicate emotion and a beautiful aesthetic message at an advanced level. As a musician learns to play challenging music, at first, they...

Hiring a Coach: Tips

This may be the right time for you to work with a coach to identify and achieve your own personal or professional goals.

Breaking Through an Energy Slump

You feel stuck where you are and cannot move forward. But a slump is a temporary condition that keeps you from thinking, feeling and acting. Although you may feel this one way for the moment, settling into these thoughts and feelings for the long haul only makes them harder to overcome.

Establishing a Business Coaching Agreement

Many new or less experienced coaches approach their sessions with fear or concern about how things might unfold. Coaches might worry about whether they will know the right things to say or the right questions to ask. To calm these fears, a focus on clarifying, understanding, and fully establishing the coaching agreement sets the stage for success and puts the coach’s fears to rest.

Satisfying Bread

Have you ever enjoyed freshly baked, satisfying bread? Growing up, our home was filled with regular enjoyment of fresh, home-baked bread. Bread has become a mainstay during the pandemic for people all over the world. It is comforting and brings a sense of abundance....

Wheel of Life

Create your own “wheel of life” to consider your quality of life and balance. Receive free copy after completing the wheel.

What Personality Tests, Strengths Surveys, and Assessments Really Mean

It's easy to wonder what personality tests, strengths surveys, and assessments really mean. There are so many tools. What value do they hold for you and me? Finding YourselfPersonality tests and strength surveys are awareness activities. These tools give us insight...

Three Questions to Improve Your Leadership

Three simple questions can help you immediately refocus, reflect and reset your leadership approach.

Choosing Between Fear and Confidence

You have two options in any circumstance: fear or confidence. And we are definitely living with more uncertainty than typical, which tends to promote fear, worry, and anxiety. Fear means that ultimately you worry that you might not be able to handle whatever life...

What Will Your Legacy Be?

One thing is certain; our lives will all end sometime. And we will be remembered for what impact we have made on the people we leave behind.

Stop Emotional Eating

Do you know anyone who wants to stop emotional eating? It might surprise you, but everything changes when we feel a sense of control rather than being driven by emotions. What is Emotional Eating About? We want an experience or life change because of how we believe it...

2020 Could Be a Bold New Year!

What does it mean to live boldly?

The word bold means to be courageous and daring, not hesitating. Of course, it also means to be forward, impudent, and breaking accepted rules. Yet even in its possible negative connotations, it is more about a willingness to do what should or must be done, despite potential consequences or challenges along the way. 

Living boldly means to live with courage, to be confident in letting go of old habits and striking out in new directions. 

Just Keep Going…

There is a voice inside your head always talking to you. When your own thoughts tell you that you “can’t do it,” or you should “give up now,” or even that other “people will judge you,” it’s time to stop that voice.

Loving People Anyway

Love isn’t attached to the expectation of a particular outcome. Choosing to love anyway is completely within our control.

Pep Talk by Kid President

Everyone needs a “pep talk” to find encouragement once in a while. Today, I’m sharing a video made six years ago by a team of brothers, in which one went by the title “kid president.” 

A few words from clients....

"Bethanie is an amazing coach. She is so present that she knows exactly how and when to ask powerful questions that make me pause, consider and realize that there is a way out of any situation I'm facing. I can see a significant shift in my mindset and look forward to every session we have."

Lois M., Life Coach

"I've been having regular coaching sessions with Bethanie among others. The insights I've discovered and gained during the coaching sessions with Bethanie have been colossal. I find myself inspired after being coached by her. Thank you, Bethanie!"

Dariush K., Executive Coach

"Bethanie is a sincere, kind, and positive woman.  She is a great listener with a wealth of insights and resources.  I always leave our sessions feeling more hopeful and clear about what the next steps are on my journey.  She is inspirational as a person and a coach." 

David C., Professor

"With Bethanie as my coach, I have established my core values, set new career goals, have a vision/path forward, and developed strategies to make that vision happen. Around my core values in particular, now I’m on a journey to realize them in all aspects of my life, including at work." 

Steve M., Director

"Because of the coaching experience, I've been much more focused on this leg of the journey, rather than the next mile. Coaching has forced me to take time to reflect on what's important to me, particularly on the professional front. Coaching has truly reinvigorated me by creating time and space to be mindful. For example, carving out time in my day to transition from work to personal life is something I've been emphasizing. Finally, I'm really starting to think about transitioning into my next BEST role. Thanks Bethanie!"

Mike L., Manager

“I’ve gained insights into how I present & how I use my energy from my coach - these have been invaluable for me to better prepare & show up for calls/meetings. I also refreshed my strengths & my values, which are helping me design my goals going forward. It’s been such an amazing experience. This coaching has helped me a lot to develop better strategies for taking on new opportunities & responding to challenges.”

Alice S., Director

“Through this coaching experience, I’ve learned to be more aware of the people I talk to and adjust my communication skills based on the situation and audience. This has really changed the way I interact with my peers and leaders, and now I’m stretching to build connections with upper managers within my organization. I must say, the sessions I had with my coach have been awesome! The impact it has had and will have on me will forever change the way I manage, communicate, and interact with people. Thank you so much Bethanie!”

Amar M., Engineering Team Lead


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