Face Routine Challenging Situations “Above the Line”

What can I do to live “above the line” in challenging situations?  In today’s podcast, we’ll explore what it means to stay above the line and how to choose it a little more every day. We all face difficult situations and challenging relationships, and consciously choosing how to face them means living above the line. Using the idea of leading above the line from Conscious Business, we will survey the practical realities of life and work, and of course, relationships. Then, we will consider how to manage the everyday setbacks with more intentionality and more consciousness. Join me for this podcast about how to keep turning outward, a little more everyday.

This episode’s theme song is “Sunshine Club,” by Ishan Dincer. Used with Permission.

Like what you read here? In this podcast, I’m sharing some core principles I’ve learned in coaching that have completely changed my life. These ideas restore personal power and bring the confidence to grow in our unique traits, strengths, and attributes, and go forward to create good in the world. Right here, you have the gems to take one small step. And with a personal coach, you can make it a lasting part of your life. You can change how you see things and feel your true purpose every day.