You find yourself working toward a goal. Maybe you don’t even think about it as a goal formally. It might be that you are trying to be nicer to your husband or wife. When they aren’t being especially kind.

Or maybe you are trying to be patient taking the dog out. One. More. Time…in the same hour.

You might instead be trying to move up at work. To perform better, differently, or more consistently. It would be nice to earn a higher salary or just change things up a bit.

Whatever it is, you keep trying.

And yet, you do something that totally sabotages yourself. It’s like your willpower just isn’t enough.

Well, I have news for you.

It’s not willpower.

Your subconscious mind is taking over, trying to keep you “safe” from the very change you are trying to make.

You might think this sounds a bit strange. But, your subconscious brain thinks that change is actually threatening your sense of safety and well-being. In fact, your subconscious brain cannot tell the difference between that good change you’re trying to make, and a sabertooth tiger.

And so it happens… Your self sabotage. It’s an automated thought pattern that takes over and acts before you even realize.

But you can stop doing this. And you can figure out why it’s happening, so you can make a real change. And keep it lasting.

Here is a wonderful little assessment that will bring some awareness to what is happening for you. Check it out.

Enjoy this assessment:

And once you’ve had a moment to take a look, you will see that it’s not about your willpower anymore. And, this is something you can overcome.

If now is a great time to finally make that change you’re looking for, let me know. I have worked with men and women who are teachers, coaches, managers, and leaders in many fields. They have been able to make changes that make a difference for them, and you can too.