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What is Clarity?

Clarity is the space to see things in their pureness, transparency, and uniqueness.

While each part of us is an integrated system of many qualities, achieving wholeness requires us to examine and focus on specific aspects of ourselves one at a time. In doing this, we can find hidden assumptions, limiting beliefs, and approaches that may or may not be working for us.

As clarity increases, we can align more fully to our values, resolve previously challenge relationships, and leverage our strengths. When feeling stuck, we all seek clarity in order to solve what seems impossible.

Clarity can be achieved through awareness activities, reading and reflecting, learning, engaging in coaching, and considering possibilities.



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#33: Being an Exceptional Manager

This week, I’ll discuss being an exceptional manager. These ideas are inspired by Conscious Business and The Outward Mindset.

#32: Personal Growth and Development Can Take Time

Personal growth and development can take time. In many ways, it’s like planting seeds and waiting for the grass to grow. Patience leads to this growth.

#31: Feeling Stuck but Not Sure How to Change That?

The sense of being “stuck” can be challenging and sometimes ambiguous. In today’s podcast, I’ll address two inventories that can open the door to stop feeling stalled.

Six Great Ways to Shatter Stress

Six Great Ways to Shatter Stress

Stress takes a big toll on your body and overall wellbeing. It can affect your sleep, lead to emotional eating, inhibit digestion, raise blood pressure and heart rate. Six ways to reduce stress include slow breathing, body scan, visualization, music listening, exercise, and chewing gum. The most important way to address stress in life is through mindset, to consider seeing things in new ways to find benefits over stressors.

The Choice in a Mindset of Lack or Abundance

In good times and in times of challenge and hardship, you have a choice. And I have a choice. Every human being has the availability of being able to choose.
This choice is about how we look at things and how we look at people.
So, today we are going to talk about the mindset of lack and abundance, why we should care about it, how to do it. And we’ll take it from there.
This choice is about how we look at things and how we look at people. It can really be anything.
Ourselves: maybe it’s our abilities, our personality, our body, our appearance.
It can be the other people in our lives. Maybe it’s a brother or sister, or our husband or wife. Our child. A neighbor. Someone we work with. Someone we know about and see in the news or on the Internet that we don’t actually know.
We have a choice about how we look at our circumstances. The house we live in. Our transportation or the car we drive. How much money we make or the kind of work we do every day.
The choice comes down to the way we decide to see people, and circumstances, and ourselves.
We can either see these as abundant or we can see them as lacking.
This mindset or this perception of abundance and lack is sort of what we might consider two directions, or two opposite orientations about our thinking.


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