How to Navigate Decisions that Seem All-or-Nothing

The Joys of Polarity Mappingby Stephen P. Anderson, UX Mastery December 13, 2018 I recently discovered polarity mapping, a brilliant tool to facilitate good conversations about complex topics.See if any of these tensions sound familiar:Should we do more Learning or...

The Music of Life Coaching

There are big differences between learning to play or sing music and getting to the artist level, where you can express and communicate emotion and a beautiful aesthetic message at an advanced level. As a musician learns to play challenging music, at first, they...

Breaking Through an Energy Slump

You feel stuck where you are and cannot move forward. But a slump is a temporary condition that keeps you from thinking, feeling and acting. Although you may feel this one way for the moment, settling into these thoughts and feelings for the long haul only makes them harder to overcome.