Loving People Anyway

Love isn’t attached to the expectation of a particular outcome. Choosing to love anyway is completely within our control.

Pep Talk by Kid President

Everyone needs a “pep talk” to find encouragement once in a while. Today, I’m sharing a video made six years ago by a team of brothers, in which one went by the title “kid president.” 

You Matter, Even if No One Else Tells You

You matter, even if no one else tells you. Have you ever felt a bit “less” because you believed someone else didn’t really care? Your significance is within. Significance is something WE think, and then feel, not what other people give us. You are important. You don’t need to hear it from others, it’s already there. You have unique traits, worth, and value just by being you. And when you can think and feel your worth, you are able to use your wonderful traits even more.

One Way to Start Feeling Better Now

Have you ever felt responsible for someone else feeling bad? When it’s someone you love and care about, that can be a pretty negative place to be. And of course, no matter how you apologize, try to make it up to them, and tip toe around being really nice, you...

Stop Living Apologetically

I still remember the day I stood in a friend’s driveway, picking up my two year-old son. She tended him while he played with her children for a few hours, because I was at a work meeting and needed help. As we visited a while, I recall saying several things about why...