Are you feeling discouraged, stuck, or burned out in your education career?

It’s hard to feel stuck in a career that you put so much time and work into.

You came into education making a difference and enjoying it, and you didn’t expect to hate your job.

But sometimes… you do.

And you find yourself at a transition point.

Do you stay in this job because you have already put in so much?

And because you don’t want to start over somewhere else? Or do you quit now and try an new career pathway?


I’m Bethanie Hansen, also known as “Dr. B,” of DrBCoach.Com, and with my background in education and coaching, I can help.

I specialize in work-life balance, career development, and mental and emotional fitness.


I help educators figure out how to revitalize their lives and their work. And when that suggests a potential career change, I help them develop a career-changer’s compass to find direction and next steps most likely to bring fulfillment.




You don’t need to wonder what to do.


I’ve got you.


Work with Me

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About Your Coach (Click to view)

Bethanie Hansen is an educator and coach credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (PCC) and the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBC-HWC), with 28 years of experience in education and leadership. As a wife, mother, coach, teacher, leader, university Professor and Associate Dean, and your partner on the growth journey, she is experienced at juggling competing priorities, working remotely from home, building relationships, leading virtually, speaking and presenting with confidence, and helping others accomplish hard things.

My Coaching Method (Click to view)

My approach to partnering with you is to learn what you would like to achieve, to help you explore and develop steps toward your goals, and to support you with strategies and tools. You have made it to this point with gifts, abilities, and strengths that can be leveraged for the authentic impact you’d like to have. My holistic, personalized approach is tailored to you and who you are, and were you’d like to go. Together, we’ll use evidence-based practices and tools from the areas of leadership, resilience, adult psychological development, positive psychology, neuroscience, and reflective practice in conversations over zoom.

How it Works (Click to view)

We work together in personalized 1:1 individual coaching sessions, mentor coaching, coaching supervision, or educational workshops conducted virtually via ZOOM.

Individual sessions for 1:1 coaching, mentor coaching, and coaching supervision will be tailored to your needs, objectives, and challenges, over the period in which we’re working together. I follow the ICF Code of Ethics. A typical commitment can range from one session to 10+ sessions, depending on what you seek in our work together. 

Educational workshops focus on a predetermined topic and target one area of stress or growth at a time to help participants make incremental changes that significantly impact life and work. For more details about when the next workshop, please contact me.  

Coaching is for Learning, Growth, and Change

Welcome to your future.

Imagine waking up excited to go to work, looking forward to what you’ll do today.

I’ve been an educator and coach for 28 years, and I’ve experienced the challenges of overwhelm, career transitions, advancing to new roles, making work and life compatible, and defining boundaries, too. And I can help you.

I have developed my own unique career path in K-12 music education, higher education, coaching, leadership, management, and public speaking. What helped me navigate my own direction with confidence has been the tools and strategies I now share with clients through life, career, executive and wellbeing coaching and education. These helped me to “wake up” and reduce my own stress levels, improve my physical, emotional, and social wellbeing, be a better wife and mother, and achieve new professional milestones to love my work. Even more, this work led me to move through tough challenges with greater purpose far beyond all of the goals I set for myself. And I believe that is possible for you, too!

Working with me, you join hundreds of clients who have become more confident, gained control over work-life balance, re-engaged with career roles or transitioned to new ones, and improved challenging relationships. We’ve also tackled impostor syndrome–that insidious feeling that you don’t really know what you’re doing even though you have a role, the experience, and plenty of qualifications to back it up. 

You can reclaim your power to set and achieve goals, decide what’s next for you, and love who you are and what you do professionally. It is not selfish to invest this time into your own personal and professional growth, in fact, it’s essential.

Let’s get started.

My Mission

I help educators live with power and purpose through personalized coaching and education.

It is by living with power and purpose that we change the world.”

A few words from clients....

"Bethanie is an amazing coach. She is so present that she knows exactly how and when to ask powerful questions that make me pause, consider and realize that there is a way out of any situation I'm facing. I can see a significant shift in my mindset and look forward to every session we have."

Lois M., Life Coach

"I've been having regular coaching sessions with Bethanie among others. The insights I've discovered and gained during the coaching sessions with Bethanie have been colossal. I find myself inspired after being coached by her. Thank you, Bethanie!"

Dariush K., Executive Coach

"Bethanie is a sincere, kind, and positive woman.  She is a great listener with a wealth of insights and resources.  I always leave our sessions feeling more hopeful and clear about what the next steps are on my journey.  She is inspirational as a person and a coach." 

David C., Professor

"With Bethanie as my coach, I have established my core values, set new career goals, have a vision/path forward, and developed strategies to make that vision happen. Around my core values in particular, now I’m on a journey to realize them in all aspects of my life, including at work." 

Steve M., Director

"Because of the coaching experience, I've been much more focused on this leg of the journey, rather than the next mile. Coaching has forced me to take time to reflect on what's important to me, particularly on the professional front. Coaching has truly reinvigorated me by creating time and space to be mindful. For example, carving out time in my day to transition from work to personal life is something I've been emphasizing. Finally, I'm really starting to think about transitioning into my next BEST role. Thanks Bethanie!"

Mike L., Manager

“I’ve gained insights into how I present & how I use my energy from my coach - these have been invaluable for me to better prepare & show up for calls/meetings. I also refreshed my strengths & my values, which are helping me design my goals going forward. It’s been such an amazing experience. This coaching has helped me a lot to develop better strategies for taking on new opportunities & responding to challenges.”

Alice S., Director

“Through this coaching experience, I’ve learned to be more aware of the people I talk to and adjust my communication skills based on the situation and audience. This has really changed the way I interact with my peers and leaders, and now I’m stretching to build connections with upper managers within my organization. I must say, the sessions I had with my coach have been awesome! The impact it has had and will have on me will forever change the way I manage, communicate, and interact with people. Thank you so much Bethanie!”

Amar M., Engineering Team Lead

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