I’m Bethanie.

I’m Dr. Bethanie Hansen, also known as Dr. B, teaching excellence and professional growth strategist. I help leaders and educators streamline their online work, get re-energized, and love their work so they can nurture the growth and learning of those they teach and enjoy work-life balance. Yes, you can reclaim your power and purpose, with practical tools to lead with confidence and wellbeing.  

I’m a full-time Professor and Department Chair at a major online university, a coach, and your partner on your teaching journey. 

About Your Coach (Click to view)

I am an ICF Certified Holistic Life, Career, and Executive Coach with 25 years of experience in education, a professor, author, podcaster, musician, and online manager with a Master’s in Arts & Letters and a Doctoral degree in Music Arts in Music education. I’m experienced at juggling competing priorities, working remotely from home for the past 10 years, leading virtually, and helping students and clients accomplish hard things.

My qualifications include expertise in these specific areas:

  • Professional Educator, 25 yrs. experience, DMA
  • Expert in Online Education, Professor,  Faculty Director (7 years), and Department Chair 
  • Certified Professional Coach, American Public University
  • Certified Holistic Life, Career, and Executive Coach, Goal Imagery Institute
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Member of the Arbinger Coaching Network
  • Conscious Business Coach
  • The Coaching Mindset Index (Certified Practitioner)



My Coaching Method (Click to view)

My favorite aspect of helping you teach with energy and confidence and gain a sense of wellbeing is getting to know you. Even if we haven’t met yet, I believe you already know yourself very well and have what it takes to succeed through challenging times. After all, you have made it to this point effectively, and you have gifts, abilities, and strengths. 

In our work together, I’ll help you identify areas of your life and work where you’ve experienced overwhelm, low motivation, or imposter syndrome, so we can bring it into the light. And when we do that, we will be able to create strategic plans to move beyond it toward the authentic influence and impact you’d like to have. To help you achieve this, I give you the practical tools, strategies, and habit starters you need to re-energize your life and work. 

I use a holistic approach that may include:

  • NLP, Goal Imagery
  • Education theory; adult psychological development levels
  • Personality
  • Character Strengths
  • Core Values
  • Communication strategies, reflective practice, and journaling
  • Understanding Happiness, Happiness by Design, and Positive Psychology
  • Habits by Design
  • Neuroscience approaches
  • Emotional Intelligence, leadership principles
  • Analyzing, goal setting, planning, and accountability strategies
  • Supplementary educational materials
  • Additional strategies based on your goals

We create tailored strategies to dial down the overwhelm, and dial up new confidence. This personalized and adaptive approach makes professional growth possible, and more importantly, it also develops your purpose, confidence, and wellbeing. 

I’m in your corner to help you navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and thrive in your teaching and in life. 

How it Works (Click to view)

This type of coaching work has completely changed my life, as an educator, a professional and a person. And I love helping you design a personalized road-map to access your motivators, strengths, roadblocks, goals, and solutions, step by step.

Imagine someone who would like to learn to play a musical instrument. One might first begin by taking 1:1 lessons, then join an ensemble like band or orchestra.

In the same way, this work is like taking strategic 1:1 lessons to be more of who you already are and bring out your best. You could spend hours, years, and a lifetime growing as a musician; and it’s no surprise that we need to keep growing as adults throughout our lives just this same way.

This work is like music lessons for the spirit, heart, and mind. And group membership can be like joining a band, where you learn and grow with other like-minded people, and share your own contributions as well.

We work together through a low-commitment, monthly membership program. You can attend and participate as little or as much as you’d like, and you’re in  the driver’s seat. You’ll receive materials and exercises each month to focus on one area at a time, and you’re invited to live strategy calls to work through the ideas and apply them in your life and work. Strategy calls are conducted over ZOOM during a 45 minute time, and you will receive a link to the recorded session if you cannot attend live, giving you the flexibility to engage at a time that works best for you.

A coaching duration of 3-6 months is recommended for maximum benefit, and you can cancel anytime before the next month’s membership change is processed if you determine you’re no longer interested in participating in this kind of coaching work. You might find that not only is it a great investment in your own wellbeing and growth, but you’ll gain something every month and choose to continue to gain benefits for years to come!

Your growth and development, group chats, and our conversations are confidential, with recorded calls shared only among those enrolled in the program, and I follow the ICF Code of Ethics.

My Mission

“I help leaders and educators streamline their online work, get re-energized, and love their work so they can nurture the growth and learning of those they teach and enjoy work-life balance. Yes, you can reclaim your power and purpose, with practical tools to lead with confidence and wellbeing.”

Yes, it’s possible.


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