I’m Bethanie.

I’m Dr. Bethanie Hansen, also known as Dr. B, educator and coach. I help teachers stop Sunday night dread and reclaim their power and purpose.

As a teacher, you care about the people you lead and the direction you’re headed. You want to feel confident in your role and treat people with love and integrity, even when other people are challenging to be with. As an educator and coach for 28 years, I’ve experienced that too. Somewhere in there, a sense of “Sunday night dread” creeps in, and while we wish there might be a day off coming up, at the same time we feel guilty for thinking about it. What has helped me most has been the tools, strategies, and thought patterns I now share with clients through professional coaching. These helped me to “wake up” and reduce my own stress levels, improve my wellbeing, and move through tough challenges with greater purpose. 

I’ve helped hundreds of teachers and leaders handle challenging relationships, set priorities, be more productive, and stop doubting their own abilities. We’ve tackled whole-life balance, career transitions, and impostor syndrome–that insidious feeling that you don’t really know what you’re doing, even though you have responsibility, experience, and plenty of qualifications to back it up. As an experienced educator and leader, you want to love, serve, and teach others without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted or putting yourself last.  Yes, it’s possible!

You can reclaim your power and purpose with practical tools to lead with confidence and wellbeing. It is not selfish to invest this time into your own growth, in fact, it’s essential. Let’s get started.

About Your Coach (Click to view)

I am a educator and coach credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (PCC) and the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBC-HWC), with 28 years of experience in education and leadership. I’m a wife, mother, coach, teacher, university Professor and Associate Dean, and your partner on the  journey. I’m experienced at juggling competing priorities, working remotely from home, building relationships, leading virtually, speaking and presenting with confidence, and helping leaders and educators accomplish hard things.

My Coaching Method (Click to view)

Even if we haven’t met yet, I believe you have what it takes to succeed through challenging times. You have made it to this point with gifts, abilities, and strengths that can be leveraged for the authentic impact you’d like to have. My holistic approach identifies your strengths and gives you greater power to leverage them in those areas where you are most concerned right now using evidence-based practices and tools from the areas of leadership, resilience, adult psychological development, positive psychology, neuroscience, and reflective practice. And to make it last, we also identify mental saboteurs using positive intelligence, to help you stop roadblocks that keep getting in your way. 

How it Works (Click to view)

We work together through personalized 1:1 sessions conducted virtually via ZOOM, tailored to your needs, objectives, and challenges, over a period of 2-6 months based on your goals (I follow the ICF Code of Ethics).

To accelerate your personal and professional growth over time, I also provide a group program that allows you to learn from and with others who are seeking to achieve similar goals. Here, we target one area of stress or growth at a time, to help you make incremental changes that significantly impact your life and work. 1:1 coaching is not required to join the group program.  

My Mission

I help experienced teachers and leaders stop Sunday night dread and reclaim their power and purpose.

Yes, it’s possible.


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