#99: Are You Learning?

Thank you for listening to the Mindset for Life podcast!

What does it mean to “be the best version of yourself” in today’s world? The answers might surprise you, because they all start in the mindsets we embrace. Mindset for Life is a podcast from DrBCoach.Com where we explore thinking, attitudes, and habits that lead to how we behave and who we become. Yes, it matters in our work. In our relationships. And in our contributions. We’re working on taking things up a level a little more, one week at a time.


Mindset for Life is hosted by Bethanie Hansen, on the journey to live as a better version of herself more each day–just like you.

You may have heard this one: You can win, or you can learn. Are you learning?

Thanks for joining me today to talk about THAT kind of learning.

I’ve always loved learning, especially as a younger school child. Not everyone loves learning. In fact, sometimes stretching to understand, and experiencing the discomfort that goes with it, is a very tough experience.

Someone might say that you’re naive to try to appreciate a hard situation and learn from it. But when you have two options–to choose negativity of the failure, or to own it and choose to learn from it, the power and resilience is yours!

We can handle just about anything, with a learning attitude. Join me for today’s podcast.

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