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#95: Use Your Strengths to Celebrate the Past Year

If you’re looking for a way to close out 2021, you can use your strengths to celebrate the past year.

We all have strengths, and perhaps you already know what they are. You have talents. Positive attributes. And if you want, you can take an assessment to discover more.

The VIA Character Strengths inventory is a strength survey you might enjoy. And the Gallup StrengthsFinder is another. Whatever method you use to discover your strengths, enjoy them.

Noticing your strengths can help you appreciate who you are. And, when you look at the past year through a strength-based lens, you will learn something new.

You will learn that you have done very well this year. And, you got through challenges by applying your strengths. You might have even developed new strengths!

Listen to the podcast episode for more details….

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