#81: The One Ingredient You Need for Work-Life Balance

If you’ve been looking for the one ingredient you need for work-life balance, it’s confidence. Confidence comes from knowing yourself and clearly seeing your strengths and weaknesses. Only then can you say “no” and set boundaries, limit your time and commitments, and enjoy true work-life balance.

Join me for today’s podcast about confidence, and consider ways in which you can learn more about your strengths and personality, and include others for your areas of weakness. You might think there is one definition of work life balance, but the truth is that each person has their own ideal of the best way to balance life and work.

To decide what work and life balance might be best for your situation, you can look over your strengths, your personality, and your weaknesses. Only with this kind of confidence can you really decide where you want your time and energy to go, and whether you find your life truly fulfilling.

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For a quick check of your life-balance in eight domains, visit https://drbcoach.com/wheel-of-life/. This fun, free tool allows you to rate each area of life, based on your current level of satisfaction. You can come back again and again to check your balance regularly, and titles for each of these eight domains can be changed to customize your results.

If now is a great time for you to work with a coach, let me know!

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