#66: A Mindset to Prioritize What is Important

If you struggle to have a mindset to prioritize what is important, today’s podcast is for you. Where in  your life are YOU uniquely needed? And where could anyone else do the job?

Listen for ideas about how to prioritize what is important for you to accomplish in your life and work. And consider what you can delegate, teach someone else to do, or delay and return to later. When you can see what is more important for you, it will rise to the top of your list. Spend a little time on it every day, and you will invest in what really matters for you.

Unsure of your strengths? If you would like to explore your important attributes, take the VIA Character Strengths inventory.  If you know your strengths and are not really sure how to focus on what is most important to you more regularly, consider working with a coach. There has never been a better time to become the best version of you.