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What does it mean to “be the best version of yourself” in today’s world? The answers might surprise you, because they all start in the mindsets we embrace. Mindset for Life is a podcast from DrBCoach.Com where we explore thinking, attitudes, and habits that lead to how we behave and who we become. Yes, it matters in our work. In our relationships. And in our contributions. We’re working on taking things up a level a little more, one week at a time.


Mindset for Life is hosted by Bethanie Hansen, on the journey to live as a better version of herself more each day–just like you.

There are real obstacles that hold us back from making changes and getting what we want in life. It’s easy to identify an obstacle that is external. Perhaps it’s your situation. Another person being difficult. Money. Time. And one area that presents obstacles to our progress is our inner thinking.

We are surrounded by our thoughts, and they seem like reality to us. We believe what we think. Yet sometimes, in an effort to help us, our brains return to thoughts that are less than helpful. In fact, they can become real obstacles. Worse, because they are within, and we may not realize these thoughts hinder us.

In today’s podcast, we’ll take a look at thoughts that block us from the very things we are trying to achieve. And I’ll give you two tips to help you out.

Have you ever wanted to achieve something in your life, but you couldn’t make it happen?

I’m talking about something really serious.

Perhaps you wanted to be more confident.

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