#53: A Mindset to Create

If you’ve ever felt that you’re defending yourself, pushing, and resisting things that come your way, it’s time to think about a mindset to create.

In today’s podcast, you’ll learn about how we actually create much or our experience. If you’d like to dive more deeply into the idea of storytelling with our inner thoughts, please enjoy one of the previous episodes, “We are all excellent storytellers.” 

You’ll learn about a mindset to create through these four key points:

  1. The way we tell our story
  2. Automatic thoughts we have
  3. The way we feel about it
  4. What we can do next

Surprisingly, the thoughts we think about our experience lead to our feelings and next steps. There’s a lot we can do to feel satisfied, in control, and pleased with our lives and our work.

Please join me for this episode as we explore a mindset to create.