#44: How to Get Clarity

If you have ever faced a big challenge, you’re already aware; it is critical to know how to get clarity.

How It Feels to Have a Big Challenge

It hurts to face a big challenge and have no idea how to resolve it. It’s painful, frustrating, and raw. If you’re facing a big challenge you have never faced before, there’s this conversation that might go on in your mind.

On the one hand, you might think that this is a common problem. Maybe everyone else has experienced what you’re facing. Somehow, perhaps everyone else knew how to get clarity as well.

On the other hand, everyone else seems to know how to solve it. But you don’t. And you aren’t confident their answers will work for your situation. It could be embarrassing to ask for help.

Or it might push away your friends and family, who have thought you were amazing up to this point.

The big challenge is making you feel weak and completely lost.

How to Find Clarity…. or Not

So you Google it….

And you find advice that covers the entire range of possibilities, from ignoring the challenge, to walking away from it. And from ignoring your feelings and powering through it to hiring a specialist to solve it for you.

With so many possibilities, and the sheer size of this big challenge, none of these options feels good.

And you still don’t know how to find clarity to see this challenge differently.

You know that you’re stuck. And, you need to find out how to get clarity.

Your Next Steps to Resolve the Big Challenge

As you think about the awareness and clear thinking you’re looking for, you really have two options. First, you can sit on this problem until something naturally unfolds. Or, you can find a magical way to see more clearly in order to actually resolve the problem.

If you sit on your big challenge until something naturally unfolds….

If you find a way to see clearly and actually resolve the problem….

In today’s podcast, I’ll share strategies to help you find greater clarity so that you can move through a difficult problem or challenge.