#40: Take Time to Reflect

When we take time to reflect, we create innovative solutions. We attack urgent tasks more aligned to our values and purpose. And, we balance fast, spontaneous thinking with slow, deliberate thoughts.

In today’s podcast, you’ll learn why reflection is a good thing.

What Happens When We Don’t Take Time to Reflect?

And, when we don’t take time to reflect, it has a big impact.

We slow down.

We’re less efficient. And, we’re more likely to make mistakes.

Why Reflection is Good for You

Reflection brings many benefits, including an increased sense of control.

When you write things down and think about your day, this strengthens your memory.

Furthermore, this habit can help you track personal growth over time.

As a journal-keeper myself, I attest to the fact that journaling gives structure to my own life. And, it helps me make sense of much of what I have done or experienced.

How to Do It:

Through today’s podcast, you’ll gain new strategies to approach written reflections.

Journaling is one way to reflect on your day, week, month, or year. When you write things down, you can record observations you make. Write about new ideas. Experiences.

In a journal, you might also write about feelings, emotional moments, and deep thoughts.

It’s a great place to articulate your goals, dreams, and plans. 

Reflecting about your work performance and growth are other areas you might consider.

Lastly, find a method that works well for you. And, make it a habit.

For more ideas about journal writing, visit IAJW.ORG.

Reflecting through an online app can make the process even easier.

Tools To Try:

If you’re looking for a good journaling app, consider “Five Minute Journal.” This one gives you options to include photos and suggests various prompts to get you started.

As second option is “Day One,” which provides customization. Additionally, I suggest “Friday” because it helps you form a habit through automation, and tagging is another perk