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#37: How to Overcome Negativity in Life, Relationships, and Business

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In today’s podcast, I’m excited to discuss how to overcome negativity in life, relationships, and business. Sure, it might seem a bit unusual that I’m excited about negativity, and I agree this is a strange polarity. I’m excited because negativity is everywhere. We experience it within ourselves, with family members, with colleagues, with those we teach or manage, and with bosses. Although not everyone is negative all the time, negativity seems to creep in everywhere.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in negative thinking and didn’t have a way out?

Have you ever believed that someone else was being negative, shooting down all of your ideas?

Today, I’ll share three strategies you can use to tackle your own negative thinking.

I’ll also share a conversation structure idea for managing negativity with another person, from “Conscious Business,” by Fred Kaufman. 

Both approaches are extremely helpful. If you’re still wondering how to get through negativity today, this podcast will help you break free.

Negativity is a problem because it stops creativity. It closes doors. It removes possibility.

Negativity can become a mindset that shades everything, like wearing a pair of tinted glasses. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Optimism and realism can exist together, and this kind of balanced perspective creates possibilities.

Enjoy the podcast!

For a link to the book I’ve mentioned in this podcast, Fred Kaufman’s “Conscious Business,” please click here. 

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