#34: Use Your Strengths to Cope with Uncertainty

In today’s podcast, we’ll consider how you can use your strengths to cope with uncertainty. There are many kinds of strengths you might explore as you consider your own traits and capabilities.

The VIA Character Strengths Survey is a science-backed tool. It focuses on positive psychology through character strengths and virtues. When you visit the link provided here, you gain access to this free tool. You will learn about your top 5 strengths and a list of other relative strengths you also possess.

When you learn about your strengths and find ways to emphasize them in your life, you may begin to see possibilities and opportunities.

Focusing on strengths can reduce your tendency to seek out what is wrong. Strengths can help you realize what you value most.

Using your strengths to cope with uncertainty might reduce anxiety by emphasizing what you can control.

The CliftonStrengths tool is another assessment used commonly in business and educational institutions. This tool is not free, but the results are well worth the investment. By taking this assessment, you will gain insight about your talents. You will also be able to access tips to use your strengths to the fullest.

Regardless of your method, identifying your own strengths is a rewarding process. Through awareness, you can focus on what is strong and how you can help.

Enjoy today’s podcast, focusing on strengths.