#33: Being an Exceptional Manager

Welcome to the Podcast! This week, I’ll discuss being an exceptional manager. These ideas are inspired by Conscious Business by Fred Kaufman, and The Outward Mindset, by the Arbinger Institute.

Here are a few tips I’ll address in the podcast:

  1. Give recognition or praise for doing good work, at least weekly. Be specific.
  2. Let your team know their opinions count. For example, ask what’s going well, and what might be challenging them.
  3. Help your team feel valued. That their jobs are important and tied to the company’s mission and purpose, specifically.
  4. Remember that we are all on the journey of growth, including ourselves as managers. Being authentic and vulnerable can help keep this in focus.
  5. Focus intensely on professional growth and preparation, yet lead in ways that naturally fit your style and values.
  6. Consider your role in any situation by looking within for ways in which you might be part of the problem. This keeps you alert and agile, looking for potential blind sports. Here are some questions to consider:
    1. Might I be part of the problem?
    2. How can I become part of what’s going right?
  7. Keep in mind that we must do all that we can to be in integrity with our values related to the goal, but we cannot entirely guarantee an outcome.
  8. Reflect upon what you can do to more fully live your values as manager, contributor, coach, and human being. This includes self-care, self-compassion, continued growth, and remaining hopeful about the future.

For more on Conscious Business, by Kaufman, visit http://cbcinternational.org.