#18: Let this “Moment” Define You

Life is full of “defining moments,” and you might be in one right now. Situations come and go that can shape us and allow character to become visible. In today’s podcast, I share some thoughts about defining moments and three tips to help you determine how to approach situations so they can become positive jumping off points for the future.

#17: Music Coaching can Put You in Great Mood

You may have heard of Music Therapy, and it is a growing, reputable profession. But, what is Music Coaching? It’s not about teaching you to play an instrument or sing. Instead, it is about intentionally choosing music to enhance your thinking or your mood. Some areas I’ll introduce in this week’s podcast are about tempo, lyrics, and style. Music is powerful, and it can be a tool for growth.

#16: Let’s Tackle Those Limiting Beliefs… They Just Might Keep You From Succeeding

In today’s podcast, we will look at limiting beliefs–those ideas we have that limit our success. We all have thoughts about our abilities, permission, and the way things are. But do we know whether these thoughts are keeping us from reaching our goals? First, we will explore typical ideas that can limit us. Then, we will consider how to question those thoughts.