#15: What is Power, and How Can You Cultivate It?

In today’s podcast, we’ll explore power–also known as mastery–a critical part of self-growth and development. You’ll learn about power and why it’s a good thing, and some ways to focus on growing in this area. 

Stop Emotional Eating

Do you know anyone who wants to stop emotional eating? It might surprise you, but everything changes when we feel a sense of control rather than being driven by emotions. What is Emotional Eating About? We want an experience or life change because of how we believe it...

#14: Working with Impostor Phenomenon?

Impostor Phenomenon was identified as early as 1985 and seems to impact a majority of achieving, successful people. You’re not alone if you worry or feel anxiety about your efforts. In today’s podcast, I share tips to work through this and other ideas about Impostor Phenomenon.

#13: How to Become Powerful in Your Own Life

In today’s podcast, I’ll share four tips about how to become powerful in your own life by the way you make commitments and set goals. The most important thing you’ll learn today is how to identify thoughts your brain will throw at you, trying to maintain your status quo.