#11: Find Clear Direction and Purpose Today with One Simple Idea

Many people think they lack direction, or wonder what their direction and purpose should be. Yet the answers are within, and readily accessible. In today’s podcast, I’ll share a simple idea about how to find your clear direction to this point and gain some joy in the process.

2020 Could Be a Bold New Year!

What does it mean to live boldly?

The word bold means to be courageous and daring, not hesitating. Of course, it also means to be forward, impudent, and breaking accepted rules. Yet even in its possible negative connotations, it is more about a willingness to do what should or must be done, despite potential consequences or challenges along the way. 

Living boldly means to live with courage, to be confident in letting go of old habits and striking out in new directions. 

Just Keep Going…

There is a voice inside your head always talking to you. When your own thoughts tell you that you “can’t do it,” or you should “give up now,” or even that other “people will judge you,” it’s time to stop that voice.

Life Vision Activity

Your life vision describes and defines who you would like to be, how you want to make your contributions to the world, how you would like to be remembered when your life concludes, and some of the general attainments you would like to achieve. With a life vision, you can compose or choreograph a satisfying, motivating life. A life vision guides the way you select goals, experiences, and accomplishments you want, to have the life you’re going to love living.