What does it mean to live boldly?

The word bold means to be courageous and daring, not hesitating. Of course, it also means to be forward, impudent, and breaking accepted rules. Yet even in its possible negative connotations, it is more about a willingness to do what should or must be done, despite potential consequences or challenges along the way.

Living boldly means to live with courage, to be confident in letting go of old habits and striking out in new directions.

What does it take to be bold?

To be bold, especially if habits tempt you to return to less-confident habits, try one of the several tips listed on this infographic from the Coaching Tools Co. 

Consider filling out the “Wheel of Life” tool, to find an area of strength in your life that you’d like to take even further or in a new direction. When you complete the tool on the DrBCoach.Com website, you will receive a nicely formatted copy by e-mail to print and consider in the weeks to come.

Another option is to dive into your character strengths. When you identify your strengths and find ways to identify these in your life, you can live boldly in these strengths, bringing more satisfaction and fulfillment to life in the months ahead. To find your character strengths, take the VIA Character Strengths assessment, and you’ll receive a copy by e-mail to think about and live by.

If you’re feeling pulled to do something more this year, grow in an area of your life, or want someone who can help you reach your daring and courageous goals, it’s a great time to work with a life coach, or join the Mindset for Life program, for support throughout the year ahead!

10 Ways to be Bolder in Life

from the Coaching Tools Co.