Feeling Stressed about Teaching?

When energy is low, and your students are feeling it too, you might need to meet with parents. If you’re looking for some tips to approach that conversation fresh, look no further. Click here for your free guide!


You are giving it your all, and yet there is so much to do.


Competing demands.


And with all of these challenges, you know you have something to offer and keep trying.

When you reclaim your power and purpose, everything is different.

Leverage Your Personality Strengths

When you complete the free “Principles You” personality survey, you gain a wealth of insight about your life, relationships, and work. To leverage your traits, work with me for a Principles You debrief session. Understanding your strengths and using them intentionally brings confidence, resilience, and purpose.

Work with Bethanie

Working individually with a coach just might be the best decision you will ever make. With two 45-minute private coaching calls each month, you’ll get focused time to explore your goals, develop an action plan to move forward, and create strategy to make them happen. After each session, I provide one or more additional resource to support you between visits.



I'm Bethanie Hansen, also known as Dr. B, educator and coach.

I help teachers and leaders reduce "Sunday night dread" and reclaim their power and purpose. I have created this website to share my expertise and insights, to help you lead with a powerful sense of confidence and purpose like you have never experienced before. 

You will find plenty of valuable resources on the pages of this site and within the podcast. And that's just scratching the surface. Work with me to take life and work to the next level. 

"Bethanie is an amazing coach. She is so present that she knows exactly how and when to ask powerful questions that make me pause, consider and realize that there is a way out of any situation I'm facing. I can see a significant shift in my mindset and look forward to every session we have."

-- Lois, Life Coach

"I've been having regular coaching sessions with Bethanie among others. The insights I've discovered and gained during the coaching sessions with Bethanie have been colossal. I find myself inspired after being coached by her. Thank you, Bethanie!"

-- Dariush, Executive Coach

"Bethanie is a sincere, kind, and positive woman.  She is a great listener with a wealth of insights and resources.  I always leave our sessions feeling more hopeful and clear about what the next steps are on my journey.  She is inspirational as a person and a coach." 

-- David, Professor

"Because of the coaching experience, I've  taken time to reflect on what's important to me, especially in my professional work. And, I'm finally considering potential future roles I'd like to prepare for that suit me even better. Coaching has also reinvigorated and energized me by creating time and space to be mindful. For example, now I'm planning time every day to transition from work to personal life so I can enjoy my evenings much more. Thanks Bethanie!"

--Don L., mid-level manager


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