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How is Your Work-Life Balance?

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Are you A Leader looking for strategy to Deal with a Difficult Co-Worker or Team Member? Do you want to stop doubting yourself in your role?

You can work with difficult people confidently. 

You know the one... That person at work whose e-mails you don't want to read. You dread the next meeting where they will challenge each idea. And you're feeling guilty for the way you react to this person, every time. You want to change this but don't know how.




I'm Bethanie Hansen, also known as Dr. B, educator and coach. I help leaders and educators who love, serve, and teach others to reclaim power and purpose so they can lead with confidence and wellbeing.  

My clients are in two primary areas: tech, media, and communication leaders, and professional educators, many of whom are working virtually. We work together through 1:1 personalized sessions or through the group program to get control of challenging relationships, stop self doubt, and start feeling energized and alive in tough situations. To work with me, click "learn more" below.

If you're an educator in search of online teaching  strategies, please also visit "BethanieHansen.Com" for the Online Teaching Lounge podcast.

"Bethanie is an amazing coach. She is so present that she knows exactly how and when to ask powerful questions that make me pause, consider and realize that there is a way out of any situation I'm facing. I can see a significant shift in my mindset and look forward to every session we have."

-- Lois, Life Coach

"I've been having regular coaching sessions with Bethanie among others. The insights I've discovered and gained during the coaching sessions with Bethanie have been colossal. I find myself inspired after being coached by her. Thank you, Bethanie!"

-- Dariush, Executive Coach

"Bethanie is a sincere, kind, and positive woman.  She is a great listener with a wealth of insights and resources.  I always leave our sessions feeling more hopeful and clear about what the next steps are on my journey.  She is inspirational as a person and a coach." 

-- David, Professor

"Because of the coaching experience, I've  taken time to reflect on what's important to me, especially in my professional work. And, I'm finally considering potential future roles I'd like to prepare for that suit me even better. Coaching has also reinvigorated and energized me by creating time and space to be mindful. For example, now I'm planning time every day to transition from work to personal life so I can enjoy my evenings much more. Thanks Bethanie!"

--Don L., mid-level manager


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